Vertical Solutions

Businesses irrespective of their size have their own unique processes and business problems, which can be effectively solved with solutions built on Tally ERP 9. It makes sense to develop your specific business features directly into Tally ERP 9 to leverage on the much strength that the Tally platform inherently provides.

Several industry specific Tally business solutions have been developed by us and same can be extended to you & further customised based on your needs:

Tally ERP for Manufacturing Industries

Tally ERP is a platform best suited for Manufacturing

Tally forms the foundation on which all our enterprise solutions, products, and services are built and delivered. The system has been designed utilizing the full power of Tally. Hence it inherits the simplicity, flexibility & scalability of the Platform.

You can deploy it in decentralized mode in individual factory units & synchronize data to head office OR have a centralized server with user’s logging in from various locations. It integrates all the departments of a Manufacturing organization & has a seamless workflow between them.

Our Manufacturing ERP Solution gives illustration of our extensive experience in delivering comprehensive solutions and services, to empower every aspect of business operations of Manufacturing Organization. By deploying this solution, you can effectively streamline and integrate your business processes, optimize the entire supply chain, and quickly identify customer needs, eventually contributing to an improved bottom line.

We have successfully implemented ERP for Manufacturing Industries like Engineering, Chemicals and Bulk drugs, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

  • Procurement & Material Management
  • Material Requirement Plan
  • Quality Assurance
  • Production (Made-to-stock)
  • Production (Project Based)
  • Gate Management
  • Sales & Dispatch Management
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Multiple Deployment Architecture
  • Security, Controls & Authorizations
  • Tally Payroll
  • Statutory Compliances

Tally ERP 9 for Supply Chain Visibility

A normal approach to automate the supply chain is to install an application at the distributor’s end that is tied online to the parent company’s ERP.

Executives then ask distributors to enter sales data (like information regarding which products have been bought by particular retailer) manually. The application would then send that information to the parent company’s ERP.

Sounds simple, but there’s a catch: almost all distributors already use accounting software, the ubiquitous Tally, to manage their finances. It is also where they feed their sales record into. By asking distributors to input data into the service provider’s application, executives were basically asking them to replicate work – without any tangible benefit to them. It was the sort of application that made end user buy-in a make or break deal.

Tally is favorite amongst the distributors and now they can have customized version of tally built to suit their and parent companies requirements. Now information entered into Tally can be captured by add on and can be sent to parent Company’s ERP system when an internet connection is detected. To the end user, this process is transparent, and they can continue to use Tally without interruption even when the update is in progress. Since channel partner did not have to put in extra efforts to make this system work, they need not resend it. In fact, the system helps distributors by showing them their existing credit limit with the parent company and the credit limits that various retailers have with them.

The business need to track the product movement through its supply chain is now a reality, but it needed someone who finds out some clever ways of working around practical problems. It might be you who initiate the innovation and go beyond the problem solving by completely circumventing the problem.

Tally.ERP 9 is the best fit in the supply chain of following industries

  • Telecom
  • Financing
  • Automobiles
  • Consumer Durables
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals, Fertilizers

Tally ERP for Schools & Colleges

An ERP to ease your maintenance of day-to-day school operations along with financial accounting and payroll management. The simplicity of Tally has been extended to build this software which requires minimum training to existing Tally Users

Educational ERP has major functionalities like Admission Process Management, Student Management alongwith Attendance and Exam management and many more such features for smooth management of an educational institute.

  • Pre-Admission Management
  • Student Management
  • Fee Management
  • Exams & Result Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Library Management
  • Payroll
  • SMS Facilities

Tally ERP for Freight Forwarders

A comprehensive Solution for Freight Forwarders, Custom House Agents, NVOCCs covering Sea & Air Freight, Part & full container shipment, manages Day-to-Day operations with workflow & integrated with Financial Accounting. Tally ERP is used as complete Freight Forwarding Software solution.

With Zone freight forwarding solution, customers will be able to focus more on business and provide better service to their clients and partners.

Optimum utilization of system will result in Increased operational efficiency & productivity which are the key elements in highly competitive business environment, where the customers expects quicker deliveries & better services at reduced prices.

The solution is ideally suited for Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, Custom House Agents, 3PL companies, International freight broker, International shipping agency, Clearing and forwarding agents, Indian shipping agents, Shipping lines, IATA Cargo Agents.

Our customers are spread across various locations in India, Dubai, Kenya

  • Features in Fine Prints
  • Complete Solution
  • Functionalities

Tally ERP for Pharmaceuticals

Utmost user friendly solution for Pharmaceutical Companies.

Under Tally’s framework, the most powerful Inventory integrated Financial Accounting Package, armed with highly regulated ERP solution for Pharmaceutical industry. With Fliksoft’s customized ERP Solution on Tally has become easy to manage your business more effectively

You are aware that for any Pharmaceutical ERP, compliance with GMP & FDA requirement considered as prime importance. Though 21 CFR Part II has been launched, many companies yet to tackle its practical implementation. User-friendly Fliksoft’s ERP Solution is compliant to all statutory regulation & as per the guidelines of 21CFR Part II and it is quick to implement.

Salient Pharma Features

Approved Vendor Management Vendor Specific Items Classification for Active & Exipients Raw Material Controls for Setting BMR & BPR Stage wise Intermediates & their BOM Quarantine, Approval & Rejections Assay based formula for generation of requisitions for Production of various products Inventory Management

  • Material Receipts against Orders
  • Approval & Rejection of Materials by Quality Control
  • Label Printings from the system
  • A R No. assigning against various batches.
  • Stock Status such as Quarantine, Rejection, Approved
  • Stock issues based on system generated requisition as per standard formulas.
  • Validations on issue of expired based material & as per FEFO (First Expired First Out)
  • A.R.No. Status
  • Retesting of Materials as per Retest Over Due Report
  • Conversion of various grades on approval of Quality Control
  • Excess Return from Production, Material Transfers & Stock Adjustment
  • Additional Requisition of materials for Producton.
  • Issues for Job Work & Return (Third Party Job Work)
  • Stock Goods in Process
  • Production Delivery to various stages & BSR
  • Cost Estimation
  • ATR (Analytical Test Report) & FPRR (Finished Product Release Report) from the system
  • Bill of Material for Raw Material & Packing Material
  • Quarantine, Approval

Other Features

  • Voucher Type Level Security
  • Audit Trail for Master & Transaction
  • Negative Stock Blocking Module
  • Manufacturing Excise Module
  • Departmental Wise Menu
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Credit Control & Brokerage Module
  • Standard Narrations

Tally ERP for Engineering Companies

Utmost user friendly Solution for Engineering (implemented for Control Panel / Switchgear units, Lightening Arrester manufacturers,Motors & Pump manufacturers, Iron & Steel, Aluminum Processors etc) with specific Gateway to Purchase; Stores & Quality Control, Production & Quality Assurance, Sales, dispatch etc.

Tally ERP 9 for Bulk Drugs & Chemicals Manufacturing Companies

Utmost user friendly Solution for Bulk Drugs & Chemical Manufacturers with specific Gateway to Purchase, Stores & Quality Control, Production & Quality Assurance,Sales, dispatch etc, which can support requirements of Food & Drugs Administration & ISO.

Tally ERP 9 for Textile Companies

Utmost user friendly Solution for Textile Industries (covers all the textile including Yarns, Fabrics & Yarn to Fabrics Producers) with specific Gateway to Yarn System & Fabric Systems including Order Processing, Purchase, Stores, Production, Third Party Job Work, Packing, Sales, dispatch etc. New Feature of Integrated SKU Management (Piece wise inventory) & Integrated Box wise Packing Management, Bale wise stock management.

Tally ERP 9 for Packaging Industries

Utmost user friendly solution for Packaging Industries (implemented cardboard based packaging material & PP film based packaging material) with specific Gateway to Purchase; Stores & Quality Control; Production & Quality Assurance; Sales; dispatch etc.

Tally ERP 9 for Government Organizations

Whether it is better information flow, higher efficiencies or visibility into and control over projects, our flexible solution helps accelerate success and bridge gaps.

Effective capabilities to meet specific needs of Government departments:

  • Double Entry Accounting System
  • Accrual Method of Accounting
  • Fund Based Accounting
  • Utilisation Monitoring
  • Financial Progress
  • Budget vs Actual Variance
  • Variance Analysis
  • Concurrent Multilingual
  • Roll up of data from Blocks to Districts to State to Centre and so on

Tally ERP 9 Sales Activity Management (SAM)

Sales Activity management System helps Sales Persons to Plan, Monitor, Control, and Organise their Contacts, Opportunities and ongoing action at one consolidate place, resulting in better visualisation of funnels performance and time management and remove any bottlenecks during sales process before they cause a problem. Sales Activity Management helps the company to get detailed report in every ongoing deals and past activities which can be related to the Sales process or customer. Sales Activity Management is a handy tool which provides a complete tracking of Sales activities carried out to achieve personnel targets. SAM system acts as a reliable platform for maintaining customer history in a way helping you to predict his future behaviour. It helps to understand the needs of the customers and leads to improve customer satisfaction retention.

Sales Manager can measure the sales Activities of all the sales representative on day to day basis and optimise the decision making towards defined goals.

The Sales Manager gets a complete overview of all his team members and customers and get instant real time reports on the outstanding and their ledger statements.

Sales Activity Management provides the following advantages:

  • Maintaining Customer Information i.e Datapoints
  • Generating opportunities from generated leads
  • Tracking activities of customers,employees and Sales Process
  • Monitoring the daily activities and follow-ups of customers.
  • Periodic reports of ledger balances and outstanding of customer account
  • Team Management and User Access
  • Reports on follow-ups and touch points with customer
  • Filtration reports in each stage of activity
  • Hierarchy list of all Teams, Work Profile and User
  • Personalized Work profile account for all the sales rep
  • Database Management with Maintenance
  • Management of all the Masters from Company creation to Release Datapoints
  • User Management and Password policy.