Fixed Asset Management

Each and every organization irrespective of type of business/activity, need to have a track of their Fixed Assets, with the all the details such as the Asset procurement date, Supplier, Location etc., They need to generate the Fixed Asset Register with Depreciation details. Some may maintain the Fixed asset register with Straight Line method and some may with WDV method. The depreciation value will vary based on the above mentioned method of depreciation. According to Companies ACT, the depreciation is to be calculated based on the Asset Put to Use date and not the actual procurement date.


  • Create Fixed Assets with Names and set the Depreciation Rates for different methods.
  • Create Voucher types for Asset Procurement/Disposal/Depreciation.
  • Key in the Put to Use dates for the Assets.
  • Capturing the AMC and insurance details.
  • Generate Reports based on method of depreciation.