Tally ERP 9 Solution Boosters

A set of “Just Ready” to implement – Tally solutions, handpicked by our experts for you.

Your company may be into trading, distribution, Manufacturing or Service. There are some solution offerings from us which when utilised can definitely improve some important part of your Business operations.

Fliksoft over past 2 decades have customised various needs of customers from different segments & Industries. We have gone through a project cycle with each of them which includes making System requirement Document, System design, development & testing, Implementation & training. There are times where multiple iteration are required to freeze a single phase of project. The total project time period varies from 15 days to 6 months depending on depth & complexity.

From a few thousands of such projects, we have shortlisted a little over hundred such customisations, which are popular & general, and with little further customisation can be adapted & implemented in your company.

Now no more painful project cycle, No uncertainties, No lead time. Just give a call to our Tally Expert. He will take you through a list of solutions applicable to your Industry. A detailed demonstration can be give for the solutions selected by you. If any of the applicable solution are 95% fitment for you then with little customisation the same can be implemented at your place with less efforts on both side, less time & cost.

A Win-Win situation for all.